Dharmveer Institute of Education & Technology was established with a vision , to deliver the higher education in economically distressed regions to move communities toward prosperity,Giving them a chance to showcase their talent and moulding bright minds from backward areas into young technocrats , that are Indian in spirit and global in attitude.

From the start, the enthusiasm was retained, in the trained & experienced hands of management & administration. A benchmark has been established by the institute in the educational area of District BIJNOR , while others have followed suit.

The expansion and development plans are being effectively handled.

Every year, new professional courses are getting included to maintain and to match with fast pace changing tecnology.

Due to the clear visible strategies, Institute maintains the quality in all the aspects. Moreover, Institute's goals have been honestly pursued and effectiveness has been achieved by the dedication of the management.

dharmveer Group has thus been designed as a Centre of opportunities for the high aspirants.

I welcome you all to join our ever-growing successful fraternity.

Manoj Chauhan
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